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Love Yourself Today

I hope you take some time to love yourself today.


I hope you stop frantically cleaning the messes that will never get clean enough, and sit with your own stillness long enough to realize your beauty and your worth.

I hope you listen to the sweet voices within, reminding you of the truth of your inner being.

I hope you thank your body for the gorgeous creation of babies, for the strength it takes to move in that career or that home or wherever it is this journey takes you.

I hope you stand in the power that thrives inside of you, gazing in awe at what you have already overcome and the fierce determination it takes for you to walk through each day.

I hope one day you see your worth the way that it should be seen, instead of the lack that has been fed to you through generations of trauma and endless societal expectations.

I hope you know what it means to feel peace, to feel freedom, to feel love.

I hope you take a moment for your heart today, my love. You are worth it. 

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